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Youryokutai Club at musica hall cafe

This past weekend my band Youryokutai Club had an incredible show with local band, and good friends, Lunchbreak. We played an hour set each at musica hall cafe, a great cafe and restaurant that often holds acoustic events and hosts local artists’ work. The perfect venue for an intimate night of music. We weren’t expecting a very large turnout, but we practically sold out the cafe! So a big thank you to everyone who came to the show! It turned out to be a really special night.

We decided to have a little fun with our songs this time around and we brought a guest to help us out, violinist Yutaka Suzuki!

We’ve worked with him before, both as a guest musician at our shows and in the recording studio. He’s featured alongside cellist Brian Grimm on our track To Aru Manatsubi no Soucho (An early mid-summer morning). You can check out the music video for that below.

To Aru Manatsubi no Souchou

Youryokutai Club

2017.07.30 / YRT-04

We also decided to have some fun with our arrangements. Playing with a full band set, a more acoustic style with cajon, and a version with me playing piano instead of drums! I think it definitely worked in the cafe atmosphere, although I was pretty tired from all the instrument changes. I’d love to do a set all on piano sometime…we’ll see.

Our next show hasn’t been announced yet, but we’ve got some big news on the horizon so keep an eye out!

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