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A little over a week ago sleepy.ab went to Okayama to play the RE:HOSHIOTO festival. It felt good to finally have a show outside of Hokkaido.

October Playlist “Soundscapes” is now live!

A new month means a new playlist. This time I’ve come up with a full hour of music that helps me stay energized while still getting work done.

September’s Playlist “Flow” is out now!

This month’s playlist is a bit late, but great for focusing at work. At least it was for me, give it a shot!

Tracks Reborn Album Jacket
Tracks Reborn is out now!

I’m happy to present the first release from The Arkaid in almost a decade, the energetic new single Tracks Reborn.

This month’s playlist “Heat”

Happy Monday everyone. Hope you’re well wherever you are. Here in Sapporo we’re in the middle of a long stretch of hot, heavy weather and

Minimal Meditation Album Jacket
Minimal Meditation is Out Now

I’m happy to announce the release of my latest project, Minimal Meditation. anyone looking for minimal background music to accompany their daily practice.


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