Sheet Music Complete!

The sheet music is done! The process of creating this nice looking little PDF book took a couple days longer than I expected, but…

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Coffee time thumbnail

Coffee, Snacks, and Jams

Currently under a state of emergency, so I’ve been staying at home, not going too crazy. I only made one ridiculous YouTube video this week.

Back in the stay-home

Covid numbers have been way up this week so Sapporo is back in emergency stay-home mode.

Wasabi Doritos!

That’s right, I found some wasabi flavored Doritos at the convenience store near my house! They were super green and super spicy.

Golden Week

Golden Week Update!

Happy Golden Week everyone! The blog is back and I know you7re all dying for some updates…

Books, grammar, and the future

What a week this has been, huh? Let’s talk about books for a minute.

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Dreaming Deeply

It’s been a super snowy week here in Sapporo. Work is picking back up after the holiday break and I released a new music video to boot!

New Profile Pic

Kicking off 2021

2020 felt like a bit of a gap year in many ways, but it’s finally over. So let’s get this year’s blog started! Did you know…

Winter Sky Over Sapporo City


This month is going by super fast and I’m not sure if I like it. Not to say that it’s been unproductive, I’ve been getting a lot done. But it feels like a blink-and-you’ll miss…

Christmas Chips Vol.2 Cover

Christmas Chips Vol.2 Release

Release day is here! I’m happy to finally be bringing you all some chippy holiday cheer with the successful release of 8 Bit Trio’s new EP Christmas Chips Vol.2!

Lego Advent Calender Box

Christmas is coming!

Are you ready for the non-stop barrage of Christmas music? Let me tell you about my new release, Christmas Chips Vol.2!

First Snow!

My take on the 2020 AMAs

I haven’t tuned into the AMAs for years, but I thought I’d check it out this year. And I was happily surprised by what I found!

Goggly eyes on the pooh-bear

Save for Later #1

This week I thought I’d share five cool photos from my “save for later” folder either taken here in Sapporo or found somewhere online.

australia traveling travelling travel

A Wiki-Wormhole to Down Under

So I was cleaning some of my office shelves today and I wanted some background entertainment to make the work a bit more fun.

Nariyama standing in front of giant bay windows looking outside

sleepy.ab Recording Session Pics

I had the honor of heading back into the studio with sleepy.ab again last month. Here are some photos from behind the scenes.

Picture of a forest

If a song streams in a forest…

Today’s blog was inspired by this interesting article I read about ‘fake’ streams, and how the big distributors like YouTube or Spotify might adjust their counting systems in the future. So for the pu…

Cool Train Track Picture


Well time certainly flies when you’re stuck at home for a few months, huh? I’m doing well, thankfully, and I hope you all are too. It’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog entry, but I felt lik…

That with a pulse feels - Cover Art

Crazy 1.5 months, huh??

Well it has been an insane month and a half since my last entry.

Mini-Loki Figure

February Trips and Podcast Picks

These last few weeks have certainly been interesting in Hokkaido. With the fear of coronavirus leading the governor to issue a state of emergency on the island. Luckily all my weekend plans were alrea…

Dinosaur design on chocolate bar

New Month, New Stuff!

Hello all! Well, February has finally come and with it some pretty hefty snowstorms! On the plus side it finally feels like winter here in Sapporo, and just in time for the Snow Festival too! On the d…

Mom and Me

A Trip to Tokyo

Last week I got to head down to Tokyo to see this wonderful woman for the first time in over two years…my mom!!

To Yokohama and Back again

Last weekend I took my first trip of 2020! I had the pleasure of going on a two show mini-tour with my band Youryokutai Club, the first was down in Yokohama and then back to Sapporo for another show t…


My 2019 In Retrospect

Wow. Last year was a whirlwind of music, teaching, and big life changes. But I’ve realized…