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Happy May everyone, I’m back (after a month off) with another entry into the music recommendations series!

This month I’ve chosen creators from around the globe who all have unique ways of approaching a surprisingly similar musical idea. You know that feeling of calm you get when there’s a lot of chaotic motion happening at the same time? Chaotic-chill might be a good term for it, maybe complex-relaxation? Complaxation? Terms aside, that’s the feeling I get when listening to these artists, and as we head into an uncertain May I feel like it’s the perfect match to what many of us are feeling.

This month’s artists are:

As always, I’ve personally curated a playlist for you with some of my favorite songs from the artists. You can find it below on YouTube and Spotify. Enjoy!

Listen to this month’s playlist on Spotify or YouTube Music:


ott-profile pic

1. Ott

Ott is a British music producer and artist who has worked with some of the biggest names in cool music. His psychedelic dub style is so infectious and fun to listen to, and his live sets are even better. Over the past month he put all his music on Bandcamp up for free as a way to help everyone deal with the corona virus. So not only a great musician but a great person too.
Be sure to check out his live stuff with his full back band “The All Seeing I”


・Splitting an Atom

the dear hunter-profile pic

2. The Dear Hunter

This month’s prog-rock entry, originally a side project for Casey Crescenzo, it’s now a full-time band and I couldn’t be happier. I’m a sucker for concept albums, and a lot of this band’s discography is chock full of just that. I’ve included a random assortment of songsi n the playlist, but if you enjoy them as much as I do then I suggest going in release order to really “get it”.
The group definitely has rock moments, but there is a surprising amount of orchestral interludes and classical backing parts as well. Which gives their music a lush harmonic pallet that meshes perfectly with Casey’s voice.



elephant gym-profile pic

3. Elephant Gym

An incredible Taiwanese math-rock band that are constantly evolving and growing. Math rock is a sub-genre of rock which focuses on complex rhythmic combinations. Which is to say it sounds crazy and yet still comes out ok in the end. Lots of counting by the players, but the audience should just groove. Elephant Gym is pretty big here in Japan, and once you hear their music you’ll understand why. While the arrangements tend to be sparse, the complexity of the musical ideas carries the energy and emotion as the songs build.



porterrobinson-profile pic

4. Porter Robinson

I’m sure this is a name familiar to a lot of you, but if not, Porter Robinson is an American electronic artist/DJ/producer with a great ear for melody and orchestration. He’s worked a lot with another of my favorite EDM artists, Madeon. His new album is slated for a 2020 release, and he’s dropped two singles so far (both of which are on the playlist). I can’t wait to hear the new album.
Also his website is something else. You have to see it to really understand, but it’s basically a fulley immersive game environment with portals to his new singles. Crazy cool.


・Something Comforting

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