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To Aru Manatsubi no Souchou - Cover Art

To Aru Manatsubi no Souchou

Youryokutai Club
2017.07.30 – SINGLE

Track List
1. To Aru Manatsubi no Souchou

The first of two singles release by Youryokutai Club in 2017. A quiet and contemplative song where we really stretched our arranging muscles. We decided to include strings on this track, and enlisted the help of Sapporo violinist Yutaka Suzuki, as well as my former roommate and current Wisconsinite Brian Grimm on cello. The album’s cover features Meme the cat as our model, and the excellent photo editing was done by Nico Bernardi. This track is also the first time we decided to make a music video ourselves, I think it works with the song perfectly.

Official Music Video