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Welcome to my new monthly music recommendation list! This is the first time I’ve done something like this, so I’m sure there will be changes going forward., but the music will always be good!

For this first month I’m featuring four artists that dominated my Spotify lists last year. The link between them is their song arrangements. The breadth of sound each of these artists craft into their mix is astounding. I hope you enjoy!

Listen to the Spotify playlist:

1. Jyocho

A solo project from former Uchi Conbini guitarist Daijiro Nakagawa. The band presents an incredibly beautiful take on the math rock genre. With soaring female vocals and flute filling out the complex arrangements. Melody lines smoothly flow together over chaotic rhythms, giving a sense of journey unlike any band I’ve heard before.


碧い家 – 碧い家で僕ら暮らす (2017)

ATLAS – 綺麗な三角、朝日にんげん (2019)

太陽と暮らしてきた (Re-Rec ver.) – 美しい終末サイクル (2018)


A great funk-pop band that’s been making waves in Japan for a few years now. I’m not sure where the three members are originally from, but their hailing from Tokyo now. Their songs are almost all easy-listen funk tracks that make great use of samples, horns, and layered vocals. Instantly danceable, but not too aggressive. Perfect as background music while working or driving.


Lonely Lonely – Chara – dressing (2018)

レイディ・ブルース.- CIGARETTE & ALCOHOL (2016)

Friday Night – The SHOW (2015)

3. Kaho Nakamura (中村佳穂)

An incredible artist with endless creative vision. I first heard of Kaho Nakamura through her release AINOU, and her unique voice and the incredible arrangements instantly made me a fan. Her musical vision, amplified by the creative team she works with, brings together folk singing, lofi rhythms, sub-pop melodies, creating a feeling of musical freedom that is both relaxing and exciting.


きっとね! – AINOU (2018)

LINDY – LINDY (2019)

そのいのち – AINOU (2018)


I first met ROTH back in 2016 while they were on tour here in Sapporo. Full disclosure, I’ve had the pleasure of playing with them before as a percussionist, but I can assure you that’s not why they’re on the list. The music that these two make is an ethereal kind of rock that uses a wide range of instruments to fill out their arrangements. Each song is it’s own journey, with incredible depth and meaning.


Skiffle Song – けものたちの名前 (2019)

HEX (Chicago Mix) – HEX (2018)

電気の花嫁 (Demian) – ATOM (2015)

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