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Doubutsutachi no Sumutokoro - Cover Art

Doubutsutachi no Sumutokoro

Youryokutai Club
2018.04.25 – ALBUM

Track List
1. Suashi no Kisetsu
2. Uma
3. Umigame no Yume
4. Sumika
5. Ao no Tokage
6. Yofuke to Shingoki
7. Anata no Uta wo
8. Maboroshi no Umi

Youryokutai Club’s first full album! We worked with the local CHAMELEON LABEL on the release, they helped us in so many ways, but chief among them was vocal recording, programming on several tracks, mixing and mastering, and invaluable advice along the way. This marks our first country-wide release as well! Shui returned for the album art and design, and Sio also made another wonderful music video for Yofuke to Shingoki. We shot another DIY video for the track Uma, which also included art from Shui and Momo Fujii. We made our first physical appearance in a video with Sumika, which was shot at local venue SOUND CRUE, and features model Rino Sasaki and her artwork. I’m extremely proud of how the album turned out and I hope you’ll take the time to give it a listen!

Uma Music Video

Sumika Music Video

Yofuke to Shingoki Music Video