May is the month of new stuff!

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Happy May everyone! I’ve been super busy the past few weeks working on a BUNCH of exciting projects. Some new, some several months in the making. But I’m happy to say that several of those projects are finally ready to be introduced to the public. So let’s do just that!

Introducing: My Patreon page!

That’s right! After a lot of deliberation and planning I’m finally starting up a Patreon page for my music. I’m lumping all of my personal work under the new title “EB Music” so that’s exactly what I’ve named the page!

patreon header
I started a Patreon!

If you’ve never heard of Patreon, it’s basically a modernized version of the patron systems of olde. The patron (you) pledge a small amount of money each month to an artist (like me) as a way supporting them financially. Thus allowing them to focus all of their attention on the creation of art! In this case, you’d be supporting my music and video making. The site offers tiers of support (I’m offering $2, $5, and $10 tiers) each with their own special rewards! For example, at the $2 level you get early access to all my release announcements! Which I just happen to have coming next week…

To learn more about my rewards and get a general feel for the site check out my page here!

So the page is officially open and active, but I’m new to the creator side of things myself, so I’ll be using this first month to learn the system and figure out how posting and releasing content works. Knowing that these first few weeks may be a little rough I’ve added an offer for early members. That’s right, everyone who joins during May will be getting a special bonus gift! I’ll be putting together small grab bags of fun trinkets and snacks from here in Sapporo, and I’ll be sending them out in June!

Youryokutai Club Solo Live Stream!

Youryokutai Club’s newest EP “That with a pulse feels” released at the end of last month, and we never got to play a release event for the album…well thanks to the power of internet now we can!

Spiritual Lounge and HEXP are putting together the show for us, we’ll be doing an hour long set with ALL the songs from our new album. Hope to see you in the comments! (I don’t think we’ll be able to read them, but maybe?)

If you couldn’t catch the stream live, I’ll be linking the archive video here for as long as it’s up!
Hope I don’t make any big mistakes…

This whole website is new!

I bet you didn’t even realize it, but you’re already here. That’s right, the blog is now INSIDE the website…wooooah!

Ok, so not much has changed. And as of right now there’s actually LESS content than before, but it will be better, I promise! I migrated on over to a wordpress site at the end of last month, and it looks like the possibilities are pretty endless. It’s already way easier to use and update, so I’m working on expanding the site with new content. Check back for new pages and content over the next few months, but I’ll be sure to let you know when I add the really cool stuff.

One of the bonuses to having finished the move is that writing blog entries is easier than ever! So is reading and responding to you comments, which you can leave down below↓↓↓↓

Stay creative – EB

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