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Tracks Reborn Album Jacket

Tracks Reborn is out now!

I’m happy to present the first release from The Arkaid in almost a decade, the energetic new single Tracks Reborn.

Minimal Meditation Album Jacket

Minimal Meditation is Out Now

I’m happy to announce the release of my latest project, Minimal Meditation. anyone looking for minimal background music to accompany their daily practice.

Olm Video Thumbnail

Dreaming Deeply

It’s been a super snowy week here in Sapporo. Work is picking back up after the holiday break and I released a new music video to boot!

New Profile Pic

Kicking off 2021

2020 felt like a bit of a gap year in many ways, but it’s finally over. So let’s get this year’s blog started! Did you know…

Christmas Chips Vol.2 Cover

Christmas Chips Vol.2 Release

Release day is here! I’m happy to finally be bringing you all some chippy holiday cheer with the successful release of 8 Bit Trio’s new EP Christmas Chips Vol.2!

Lego Advent Calender Box

Christmas is coming!

Are you ready for the non-stop barrage of Christmas music? Let me tell you about my new release, Christmas Chips Vol.2!