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Golden Week

Golden Week Update!

Happy Golden Week everyone! The blog is back and I know you7re all dying for some updates…

New Profile Pic

Kicking off 2021

2020 felt like a bit of a gap year in many ways, but it’s finally over. So let’s get this year’s blog started! Did you know…

Mini-Loki Figure

February Trips and Podcast Picks

These last few weeks have certainly been interesting in Hokkaido. With the fear of coronavirus leading the governor to issue a state of emergency on the island. Luckily all my weekend plans were already canceled (more on that later), so for me staying home and just chilling was pretty easy! I did get a bit of traveling done mid-to-late February, so I thought I’d kick off this month’s blogs by sharing some of that, and also I thought I’d include some podcasts and videos that I’ve been into lately!

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Dinosaur design on chocolate bar

New Month, New Stuff!

Hello all! Well, February has finally come and with it some pretty hefty snowstorms! On the plus side it finally feels like winter here in Sapporo, and just in time for the Snow Festival too! On the down side it was really hard to walk to work for a few days.

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My 2019 In Retrospect

Wow. Last year was a whirlwind of music, teaching, and big life changes. But I’ve realized that, outside of those directly involved, I didn’t really share my experiences with the world in any concrete way. I did the obligatory posts on Twitter, Instagram, and (rarely) Facebook, but to be honest I’ve been connecting less and less with the social aspect of those sites. Maybe it’s just my infrequent use, maybe it’s age, but for the past few months I’ve found myself completely overwhelmed by all the information I get from my feeds. Info that I forget almost as quickly as I learn it. (So, probably age then…) I’ve been less and less interested in posting there myself, but I have been wanting to share with you all in some form.

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