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A little over a week ago sleepy.ab went to Okayama to play the RE:HOSHIOTO festival. It felt good to finally have a show outside of Hokkaido.

Tracks Reborn Album Jacket

Tracks Reborn is out now!

I’m happy to present the first release from The Arkaid in almost a decade, the energetic new single Tracks Reborn.

Christmas Chips Vol.2 Cover

Christmas Chips Vol.2 Release

Release day is here! I’m happy to finally be bringing you all some chippy holiday cheer with the successful release of 8 Bit Trio’s new EP Christmas Chips Vol.2!

Lego Advent Calender Box

Christmas is coming!

Are you ready for the non-stop barrage of Christmas music? Let me tell you about my new release, Christmas Chips Vol.2!

First Snow!

My take on the 2020 AMAs

I haven’t tuned into the AMAs for years, but I thought I’d check it out this year. And I was happily surprised by what I found!

Goggly eyes on the pooh-bear

Save for Later #1

This week I thought I’d share five cool photos from my “save for later” folder either taken here in Sapporo or found somewhere online.

australia traveling travelling travel

A Wiki-Wormhole to Down Under

So I was cleaning some of my office shelves today and I wanted some background entertainment to make the work a bit more fun.

Picture of a forest

If a song streams in a forest…

Today’s blog was inspired by this interesting article I read about ‘fake’ streams, and how the big distributors like YouTube or Spotify might adjust their counting systems in the future. So for the purposes of the title, the ‘forest’ is your phone. Welcome to the jungle?

Cool Train Track Picture


Well time certainly flies when you’re stuck at home for a few months, huh?
I’m doing well, thankfully, and I hope you all are too. It’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog entry, but I felt like it was time for a little free-form catch-up.