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fractal Album Jacket


↼BACK TO DISCOGRAPHY fractal sleepy.ab 20.01.29 | ALBUM | CHA-033 LISTEN / BUY YouTube Music sleepy.ab’s Shop I play on: 2. cactus4. ideology9. planette10. promise12.… Read More »fractal

local local Album Jacket

Local & Local

↼BACK TO DISCOGRAPHY Local & Local JOKEMIC 19.11.13 | EP | CHA-032 BUY amazon Working with CHAMELEON LABEL again for their latest project with Hokkaido… Read More »Local & Local

Birth Album Jacket


↼BACK TO DISCOGRAPHY Birth SNARE COVER 19.05.23 | ALBUM | UXCL-205 BUY amazon I play on: 6. 地球 (Chikyuu) Although I’d played together with SNARE… Read More »Birth

HANBUNCO Album Jacket


↼BACK TO DISCOGRAPHY HANBUNCO mayumi yamazaki 18.06.06 | ALBUM | AMMY-0001 LISTEN / BUY Artist Shop I play on: 5. Listen to me Near the… Read More »HANBUNCO

Same to Azarashi Album Jacket

Same to Azarashi

↼BACK TO DISCOGRAPHY Same to Azarashi The Hi-Socks 16.12.13 | EP LISTEN / BUY Streaming Links bandcamp Tracklist 1. Same to Azarashi2. Kimu3. Josei Hormone… Read More »Same to Azarashi

First Album Album Jacket

First Album

↼BACK TO DISCOGRAPHY First Album 3B junior 16.09.07 | ALBUM | ZXRC-2012 BUY amazon I play on: 17. Omoiboshi (想い星) My first (and probably last)… Read More »First Album