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A little over a week ago sleepy.ab went to Okayama to play the RE:HOSHIOTO festival. It felt good to finally have a show outside of Hokkaido.

Lave Album Jacket


Lave Release and Other Updates A bridge between worlds. Leading to memories of life and a drowned city beneath the waves.

Sheet Music Complete!

The sheet music is done! The process of creating this nice looking little PDF book took a couple days longer than I expected, but…

Coffee time thumbnail

Coffee, Snacks, and Jams

Currently under a state of emergency, so I’ve been staying at home, not going too crazy. I only made one ridiculous YouTube video this week.

Back in the stay-home

Covid numbers have been way up this week so Sapporo is back in emergency stay-home mode.

Wasabi Doritos!

That’s right, I found some wasabi flavored Doritos at the convenience store near my house! They were super green and super spicy.

Golden Week

Golden Week Update!

Happy Golden Week everyone! The blog is back and I know you7re all dying for some updates…

Olm Video Thumbnail

Dreaming Deeply

It’s been a super snowy week here in Sapporo. Work is picking back up after the holiday break and I released a new music video to boot!

New Profile Pic

Kicking off 2021

2020 felt like a bit of a gap year in many ways, but it’s finally over. So let’s get this year’s blog started! Did you know…