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A little over a week ago, last weekend in October, I went with sleepy.ab down to Okayama to play at the RE:HOSHIOTO festival. It felt good to finally have a show outside of Hokkaido, the first in almost two years I think? And it was nice to finally be able to play the HOSHIOTO fest. We’d been schedule to play in 2020, and then again in a few months back in early 2021, but both of those had been cancelled due to covid. So it was a joy to finally play the event, mixed in with all the happy feelings of seeing friends and fans from down south.

The event was in Okayama, but we stayed in Osaka both nights. We flew out of Sapporo on Friday evening, arriving at Kansai International by nightfall. Then had a bit of a walk from our train station to where we were staying.

Saturday morning we picked up the rental van and headed out. We made a couple stops on the way at rest stops, but arrived at the event around 3 o’clock.

The lineup for RE:HOSHIOTO was full of great groups, I was particularly excited for Hitsujibungaku (羊文学), Scoobie Do, and the Salyu/Kohei Kondo combo performance. They did not disappoint! Every band played wonderfully and the Hitsujibungaku show was grooving way harder than I’d expected. If you haven’t given them a listen before their newest ep is worth your time. Oh, and our show went well too! We had wonderful lighting done by VJ MARNIHEISH. HD psychedelic stuff, very cool.

We drove back to Osaka after saying our goodbyes and the next morning there was a bit of free time before our flight to adventure around the area. After a bit of research we found an art museum and park near our train station, so we went to see what the Osaka art scene is like. Sadly the museum was closed, but we had a nice walk around the beautiful park.

We ended up back at the airport to find our flight delayed, which gave us just enough time to grab a quick bite at this delicious Onigiri Burger shop. Before finally heading home.

A great big thank you to RE:HOSHIOTO coordinator Mr. Yuushi for putting on such a wonderful event (and for inviting sleepy.ab to play), to all the staff in Okayama who helped make the event happen, and especially to all the fans who came out to see the show! Definitely looking forward to the next time!

That’s all for now. The November playlist is coming sometime later this week!
Until then, stay creative – E

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