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October Playlist “Soundscapes” is now live!

A new month means a new playlist. This time I’ve come up with a full hour of music that helps me stay energized while still getting work done. Mostly instrumental with a few songs with vocals built into the middle to give you a little break. So follow the link below to find the October playlist on Spotify:

There are some real gems this month.

Natalie Holt‘s incredible score for LOKI has been on since I finished the series last month. I still can’t get enough of her arrangements and just how much power she can get out of her sounds. I picked three of my favorite tracks from Volumes 1 and 2.

There’s also one song by Daniel Hart from his score for The Green Knight. I haven’t seen the movie, but the whole soundtrack is incredible and you should give it all a listen. This is the only track that really worked well in this playlist though.

Tennyson is my find of the month, just incredible music on this EP. I’m a big fan of these electronic grooves, and particularly the melodic leads they layer together. I really love the vocal treatment as well. Super happy to have found them!

Then there’s the special inclusion of Shizuka Kanata’s new single “Shiretoko Wind”. This group is actually the side project of Tanaka Kazushi, from Chameleon Label here in Sapporo. He’s helped out with Youryokutai Club’s releases, sleepy.ab shows, and put on the Strings event. So you’ve probably seen his influence somewhere here on the blog. This song also features Mifune Masaya from ROTH BART BARON. An epic collab if I do say so myself.

The rest of the tracks are from artists or projects that I love, and were just the perfect match for this month’s playlist. So, if you find yourself getting distracted at your desk during the day pop on this playlist and get lost in the music.

You can find last month’s playlist here. I’ll have a page up with a big list soon.

Stay creative- EB

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