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September’s Playlist “Flow” is out now!

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It’s playlist time again! Since the release of Tracks Reborn, I’ve been keen to get the startID.Project restarted. So I spent the last few weeks cleaning up a ten years of folders and files with multiple copies of notes, art, demos, story bits, and other random junk. I’m happy to report that everything is finally organized and all in one place! Meaning I can finally get to work on the next stage of The Arkaid, and some other fun multimedia stuff for you.

All that to say, this month’s playlist is releasing a bit late, but it’s perfect for focusing at work. At least, it was for me!

Give it a shot and see what you think:

My favorite find of the month was DROELOE. Just a really creative and unique sound to the tracks. It seems like it was an artists/musician duo up until last year, and now it’s just the producer working solo. Happy to hear more if him in the future.

That’s all for now, I’ll have a couple more updates for you later this week. Also I’ll be playing some games over on EBandGame, and doing some composing over on my music Twitch channel if you want to come say hello!

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