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Tracks Reborn is out now!

I’m happy to present the first release from The Arkaid in almost a decade, the energetic new single Tracks Reborn.

Tracks Reborn Album Jacket

The Arkaid is a project that I first began working on all the way back in 2010. Originally the idea was to combine different forms of art into a unique storytelling experience, so I gathered a group of artistic friends together to begin work on a proof-of-concept demo album. Welcome to The Arkaid came out in 2013 and, while not hugely successful, it proved that the idea had merit. But life happened, and I had to put the project on hold. Until now.

Over the past ten years I’ve grown a lot as a music maker, and I’ve been working slowly on developing a story worthy of the projects ambition. And I think I’ve got one. The story has grown quite a bit, but it’s finally time to start telling it. This single is the first step into that journey.

Tracks Reborn is available now on all major streaming platforms, available for download on Bandcamp and will be in my own store later this week. So be sure to give it a try and, if you like it, consider purchasing!

About the song:

“A hooded figure making his way across what seems like an endless sea of sand comes across the broken shell of a robot we know as Tracks, now lying scattered and offline. The figure gathers up what parts he can find and carries them back home for repair.

After some time, the body is rebuilt and as its mind is rebooting he wonders, will it still be able to communicate? And, if so, just how much will it remember?”

Expect more from The Arkaid soon! You can stay up to date on the project website. Currently the first full length album is scheduled to release in early in 2022, but we’ll see if the world throws anything crazy at me this time…

New monthly playlist is dropping in two days, so get excited! Until then, stay creative.


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