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Monthly Playlist, GO!

New stuff alert! I’m starting a new monthly curated playlist over on Spotify and it’s called “EB Monthly”

I’ll be updating it every Monday with all new music to get you through the week. Each month I’ll be choosing a theme and trying to find songs from new (to me) artists and old favorites that I think fit. This month’s theme is: RELAX

There are a lot of new finds in the mix today, but I think my favorite is MICHELLE. They have a beautiful blend of groove and harmony, really vibes. There’s also a new track from an old favorite, Dntel. I was happy to hear his new stuff, it’s been a minute since I checked out what he was doing. Grab a cup of tea, maybe a book, and enjoy!

New Release!

I’m also happy to finally announce the release of my newest project, Minimal Meditation!

Minimal Meditation Album Jacket
Check out the cover art!

I’ve been busy working on minimalist accompaniment for meditation sessions and I’m happy to say the complete set will be dropping this week on Wednesday! (Hence the week’s theme.) And while I’m super excited that it’s coming out, I’m also well aware that it’s for a very specific audience. So if you enjoy unguided meditations, and are looking for some nice calming background music, then this is perfect for you! If not, keep an eye out for more musical stuff later next month. More about this release on Wednesday though.

That’s all for now.

Stay creative – EB

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