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Pics from July 2nd’s sleepy.ab show

July 2nd was the long overdue sleepy.ab show from our “fractal” tour here in Sapporo. It was held at Cube Garden, one of the larger medium sized venues here in Sapporo. We had originally scheduled this event for about a year ago to coincide with the release of the album fractal, but, you know, life happened. We were just happy to finally show off all the hard work we put into the new songs!

The venue was open to half capacity, all seated, and streamed online. While no cheering was allowed, there was a lot of applause to keep the energy up. Artist Kato Tatsuhiko provided his special blend of live oil dripping and visual effects on the back wall. (You may know him from some of his work with Sakanaction.)

Kato uses projectors to visualize his oil work on the back wall, and this time my point of view had him set up perfectly in line with our vocalist. It was a completely unique view. While I couldn’t see the background behind me, I got a different kind of personal light show from my seat.

From drum seat
Touch the light…

Thanks to everyone who helped make the show happen! Everyone at Cube Garden. The sound team at WEEKEND. The video crew from HE’S Project. The guys a WESS for the tour management. And, as always, to Chameleon Label for being awesome. A lot of people go into making something like this work, so it’s nice to see everyone slowly getting back in the swing of things.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the next sleepy.ab show on their website here. And why not give the new album a listen while your at it? The drummer is amazing…

Stay creative – EB

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