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Local Friends Recording with Riku Nakanishi

Two weeks back I had the honor of heading into the recording studio with Riku Nakanishi. Riku is a singer-songwriter originally from Sapporo, who often hops back here from his Tokyo home for music projects. This recording was for a particularly special project, the theme song for NHK Hokkaido TV show: Local Friends

The show is about community, featuring interviews with all kinds of folk from. From people with interesting jobs or hobbies, to those putting on events and festivals across Hokkaido. It’s a great feel-good show that shines a light on a lot of the small town workers here.

I got to record drums and percussion for the theme song, which was super fun. Riku had a strong sense of the drum part he wanted for the piece. A tight 90s pop groove for the verses transitioning into a relaxed feel for the chorus and solo sections. He gave me free reign to experiment with the percussion parts, though. Most of those didn’t end up in the final track, but there are a few nice parts in there that came from messing around. It was actually our first time playing and recording together, so I was glad that we could have a good time doing it.

NHK Hokkaido did a special feature on the song, interviewing Riku and visiting the recording session to take some video. You can’t see me all that well, but you can listen to the song! Check that out here:

The show “Local Friends” is only on TV here in Hokkaido (I think?) but they do have videos up on their homepage for about a week after air-date. The next episode will feature the theme song, so check it out if you get a chance! I’m not sure about Riku’s plans to release the song for streaming, but I’ll keep you updated on that, too.

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Stay creative – EB

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