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A bridge between worlds.

Leading to memories of life and a drowned city beneath the waves.

It’s finally out!

It took about a month longer than expected, but the wait is over! Lave is finally out.

A single of experimentation and new instrumentation. The idea for this piece actually first surfaced (water puns!) back in January, but it sat for a couple months in my WIP pile before I figured out what to do with it. I loved the flow of the three ascending notes, switching between major and minor, which gave me the image of waves early on. After thinking about it for a bit I had the image of wide open chords with little waves of distortion, which gave me a sense of wonder beneath the waves. And then I started thinking about the best way to get that distortion sound…

This is the first track where I’ve added in some guitars, two tracks to be specific. I finally got a proper input hooked up to the PC and was able to do some home studio recording. I’m loving the sound, and the experience of writing music on something other than a keyboard is quite unique. I also added in some live drums to make the mix sit a little better. Originally I had a full electronic drum track, but with the guitars it just sounded out of place. So, I did a little recording at Sirakansu studio here in Sapporo, brought that back and included it as the main drum track for the tune. The only addition are kick and snare samples for added punch. I was REALLY surprised with the result.

The release is available for streaming on all major (and some minor) streaming platforms.
You can also find it on SoundCloud and YouTube.
If you’re thinking of downloading check it out over on my shop or on Bandcamp.

sleepy.ab solo show next month!

I’ll be playing drums with the band sleepy.ab at their big solo show next month! I recorded drums for the band’s most recent album ‘fractal‘ which released last year. We were originally schedule to tour around Japan and play some summer festivals, but then corona happened so things got shifted a bit. While we’re still not able to do any big summer shows, small local shows are kind of OK, so that’s what we’re doing! There is a live stream available, but all the links are in Japanese. If you’re interested let me know and I can try to help you figure out the site. For those of you who have never heard the band, here’s my favorite song from the album:

Check out more about the show on the band’s homepage here.

Weekly Update

I was away for a few weeks so the update is a bit behind. Let’s get to it.


It’s out! Go listen to it! Share it with all your friends!

Next Album

Just finished up the mixing and the mastering will be complete this week. I ran into some trouble with some of the song’s effects and had to redo a few things. But everything is back on track now and we’re at a cool 53% done! I think you can look forward to a late July release. No big fanfare for this one, so it should be pretty quick to drop once everything is uploaded. Name reveal next week!

New Project – Mobile Game!

That’s right! I’ve been learning how to make games in my off-time and I’m ready to try and release my first one. I’ve actually got a few ideas for games that I want to try out, but I’m starting small. So expect a super simple game sometime in the next few months, with little updates behind the scenes in the interim. I’m not really sure how long the process takes so the percentages here are NOT accurate. I feel like it’s about 40% done?

That’s all for now, I’ll be trying out a new blog style a bit in July. These big updates are fun but very time consuming so I’m finding it a bit daunting to sit down to write them out. (As you can see by the large gap since the last entry.) So I’m going to try to write more frequent, shorter entries about project updates, with these longer ones only once a month or so? We’ll see.

Until next time.
Stay creative, EB

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