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Coffee, Snacks, and Jams

It’s been an exciting week, guys. A lot of my work has been cancelled due to the state of emergency here in Hokkaido. Some students having to pull more shifts at work, some students with classmates that have caught covid…the news is looking a bit more like what I saw happening in the states last year. So I’ve been staying at home, not going too crazy. I only made one ridiculous YouTube video this week.

Coffee Time!

Narumi was watching some “daily life” vlogs today while I was putzing around the house. I usually get a kick out of the cheesy music and weirdly clean houses, but today I noticed the insane view count that some of these videos rack up. Some have millions!? So I immediately wanted to see how hard it is to make one. (get me some of them numbers)

With Naru’s help as actress and as creator of the beautiful thumbnail, I think we ended up with something pretty good. All done in four hours. Check it out, I think it’s worth watching to the end:

Mint Kit Kats

I’ve also been snacking it up pretty hard. I’ve been diligently keeping to my practice schedule, so I think I deserve it. But also, I’ve been finding some really interesting flavors that just seem like a must-try. This week I found these mint flavored kit-kats!

They are SO good. But also very minty, so if you don’t really like mint chocolate these are not for you. Also check out the little note area on the back of each pack. Perfect for leaving a message for whoever you gift them to! I ate them all myself though…

Wayne Brady Jam

I also try to keep up with new music happening around town and around the world via the POWER OF THE INTERNET! And this week there was an AMAZING collab on Marc Rebillet‘s channel with special guest WAYNE BRADY! It grooves. Hard.

I’ve been a fan of Wayne Brady since I was a youngin watching Whose Line. And more recently loving his acting work on Colony. But it’s nice to hear his improv in a non-comedy situation, too. Worth the listen.

Weekly Update

But I was busy doing a lot more than just watching YouTube and eating candy this week! Let’s talk about project progress!

Next Single +23%

Post production has finally wrapped and it’s sounding goooooood. Which puts us at a strong 79% complete. I’m SO happy with how this song has turned out and I can’t wait to share it with you! Expect a firm release date next week after I finish all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into actually getting the thing out.

But for today, to mark the occasion, I am happy to announce the title! And the name of the track is:


So go google that word when you’re done reading, and get excited for album art next week!

Next Album +10%

Kicked off production with a lot of recording and sound creation. I’m using a LOT of guitar on this one, and I need a LOT of takes to get things right. (not my best instrument) I’m planning some long writing sessions this week, and hoping to finish up the production by next blog! Wish me luck.

Norainu Sheet Music +25% (maybe)

I spent the past week slowly polishing the music, getting everything positioned correctly, creating a notation guide, choosing fonts, etc. As far as I can tell right now the actual music is done. But. This week I’ll be trying to figure out formatting, cover design, and working out exactly how to create the product on Amazon’s book making website…which I’ve never done before. So I think I’ll have the music ready for release next week? But take that with a grain of salt because I’m sure there are a dozen steps I don’t even know exist yet. I’ll definitely be learning something new this week.

Bonus: Remix Competition

And as a bonus for you today, I wanted to drop just a little demo for a project I’ve been working on privately. I’ve been making a track for a remix competition, which I just finished today! I don’t think I can actually release the song (I’ll need to read the fine print again), but I’m sure it’s fine if I just put a little 30 second clip of the opening here for your listening pleasure!

If I win, I’ll be talking about it everywhere. If I don’t, I’ll try to upload the track!

Until next time.

Stay creative – EB

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