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Wasabi Doritos!

That’s right, I found some wasabi flavored Doritos at the convenience store near my house! They were super green and super spicy.
Full disclosure, wasabi is a flavor that takes a little time to really hit the pallet, so every bite was basically like eating a plain corn chip and then getting a bit of wasabi flavor a few seconds later. Not what I usually expect from Doritos but overall I’d give it a 6/10.
I recommend trying them once if you like wasabi, but I probably won’t be getting them again.

Ok, moving along to this week’s blog…

Introducing the Weekly Update!

I’m a big fan of author Brandon Sanderson. I love his books and his work ethic is something that I really respect and aspire to. You may have noticed that I added a progress bar feature on my homepage last month, it’s a lot like the one he employs on his homepage… Well, he recently started a YouTube weekly update series on his channel where he talks about how his projects are going. So I thought, as I’m doing this weekly blog, I might try something similar in text form here!

So I’ll be doing little updates on the projects I’ve made public on the homepage! These will let you know what I accomplished over the past week and what my goals are for the coming week. I’ll try to give release dates when possible and maybe even drop some hints about future projects as well. Doing this is also a great way for me to keep myself on track (which I suspect is something Mr. Sanderson also experiences) so feel free to skip over the stuff you don’t really care about, and just read the stuff you’re excited for. I’ll keep everything separate and easy to find. With all that said, let’s talk about this past week!

Next Single (Title reveal soon!)

This week marked the end of the production stage! That means all the sounds are where they need to be tone-wise and I’m finally done hitting that big red record button. This is the first track where I’ve tried combining live drums with midi-samples, and lining everything up was really difficult. I’m pretty sure there’s an easier way to do it, but I sure haven’t found it yet.

This week I’m moving on to the post-production phase, starting with mixing! I’ve been listening to some blogs on mixing techniques and I’m excited to try out a few new ideas. I’ll let you know what worked and what didn’t next time.

I’m setting the progress bar at 52%, (finally over the halfway point!) and I’m predicting early June for a release.

Next Album (Too early for a title)

Last week was a bit slow for this one. I finally sat down and really scheduled everything for the next six months. Which made my daily to-do lists much easier to figure out, but also means that pre-production on the album got delayed until yesterday. So, not a lot of progress to report here.

But to talk about what DID get done: I’ve got the scope of the work completely nailed down. I had planned for something a bit too big originally; it was probably going to take 7 months to complete. I broke that plan into a few parts and the new goal is to finish the album by June with a release sometime in July. Sadly the other parts will probably have to wait until 2022 though.

I also found my core instrument: the guitar! I’ve been practicing a lot of guitar lately, and I think I’m ready to write some music on it. You’ll actually hear some on the next single as well, but that was kind of a test run to see how everything connected. I’m excited to hear what different ideas come out of using a new instrument for writing. I’m so used to piano based composing, and this is completely different.

So for this week I’m only adding 1% of progress to the bar, putting it at a pretty weak 3% done. Still in that Pre-production phase.

Norainu Sheet Music

I slipped this project in over the weekend, anyone notice? Norainu is a song by Youryokutai Club. Actually, it’s this song:

I’ve been using this in lessons to teach basic grooves for the past year. I specifically wrote the part to use different orchestrations (different combinations of cymbals and drums) on the same groove to create growth over the course of the song. Which makes it perfect for beginners to learn some basic sound concepts on the set. Also drags. So many drags.

Since I wrote up a basic part for my student last year, I thought to myself, why not publish the sheet music for real? So that’s the goal! This week I signed up to amazon publishing to have that physical option, and I can already sell the PDF version in my shop when it’s ready.

Last week I finished transcribing the whole song in it’s most basic form. The music itself still looks pretty ugly, so this week I’ll be working on making everything pretty and easier to read.

I’m not actually sure how long this is going to take. Usually I make the progress bars after having been through the process a couple times, so take this percentage with a grain of salt. I’m setting the progress bar at 25% done. Expecting to be completely done by the end of the month!

News on Upcoming Shows

As the covid situation gets worse here in Japan, schedules are a bit hard to predict. So I wanted to give you an update on the current line up for the month.

Youryokutai Club’s show at Plant this Friday was postponed due to covid restrictions. I’ll let you know when that gets rescheduled. Hopefully Sapporo can pull it together over the next few weeks…
Here’s the announcement from Plant about it:

At the end of the month, sleepy.ab has a festival show in Okayama. Hoshioto 2021! I don’t think this one will be cancelled, they are being very responsible about safety procedures, but it’s still a few weeks away. The lineup is really good, though, so I’m hoping it happens! If you’re in the area check out the homepage for more details.

That’s all for this week! I’ll be back next week with some more fun stuff and updates on projects. If you have anything you’d like me to write about let me know in the comments! Or just say hi. That’s nice to see, too.

stay creative – EB

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