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Golden Week Update!

Golden Week

Happy Golden Week everyone! If you’re not familiar with that term it’s a special week here in Japan from April 29th to May 5th. There are 4 separate holidays that happen during Golden Week, including my favorite “Greenery Day”, so that means a BUNCH of days off for everyone. I’ve just been relaxing at home in pajama pants though. Maybe for a bit too long now…

Obviously I took a couple months off of the blog, and I’m sorry to keep you waiting. I needed to get some stuff done, back to work after lockdowns and such, but I’m back! How have you been? I’m doing well, thanks. You can expect these weekly Monday blogs for the foreseeable future. So strap in and join me as I ramble about things happening in Emilio-land!



This week in Emilio-land:
For some reason I got obsessed with the many many YouTube reviews tearing apart the movie version of Cats. And I wanted to share my favorite breakdown of exactly how the movie failed both musically, and because the director didn’t understand the story at all.

This YouTuber “Sideways” is always an incredible source of really great music content. He goes into really great detail on form, scales, other general theory stuff. He also has a LOT of content about musicals which I love. So go check out his channel after you’re done reading this!

Progress Updates for ALL!

I’m currently DEEP into 2021’s production schedule (actually running a bit behind, eek!) and while I am super excited about all the upcoming releases, I wanted to find a way to communicate to YOU exactly what I’m working on and when you might be able to expect it. Share the excitement, you know?

So I went ahead and added a few progress bars to my homepage! You can check it out here. They look kind of like this:

Progress Bar!?!?

I usually work on several projects at a time, but I’m just posting the next three projects to be released. If you don’t like spoilers don’t worry, I won’t include too much detail about the projects. If you’d prefer MORE detail, though, let me know in the comments and I can work something out.

Physical Release for 222221

I’ve finally released 222221 as a physical album! This is actually my first time making a solo release into a physical product, so it was really exciting to actually be able to hold something in my hands. Image me with an “I made this” smile. Check it out! I think it looks awesome.

I know that most people don’t actually want this thing though. Which is why I went with a disc-on-demand provider for the production side of the album. There are a couple upsides for me as an artist by doing it this way as well. A little behind the scenes talk here, but:

  1. Producing albums usually costs a LOT of money up front, like 500-1000 dollars for a couple hundred copies, and if those don’t sell it’s all loss.
  2. Producing albums that don’t sell-out means a lot of discs sitting in my house. In boxes. Basically trash, because I’m not going to listen to them. Even my band’s popular albums end up with like 30 or 40 discs just kind of sitting there taking up space.
  3. Creating more albums than needed means useless waste of materials, just a bunch of plastic discs and cases that have no home. No one that treasures them. Not very eco-friendly.

By doing it the DOD way I don’t have to worry about the money, the lost space, or the wasted plastic. However, that means the quality takes a small hit (the whole process is mechanized, no quality checks). You can actually see on the sample I received that the gluing is a bit off center. But I’m approaching it from the perspective of, if you love the album enough that you want a physical copy, that won’t matter. It didn’t to me! I was just happy to have a thing in my hands.

To hammer that third point home a bit as well, I don’t want people buying this thing just to import it into their computer and forget about it, if you just want the music then there’s the downloadable version. So to make that choice easy for everyone, I’m pricing the physical merch higher than I’d usually do. If you LOVE the album, enough to want a physical item in your collection, that option is here, otherwise stream it! Or, if you want to support the creation of the music even more, download the digital version from my shop or bandcamp!

I’m happy I have it though. This cover came out really well, and I gotta say, the printing looks great!

That’s all for this week, I’ll be back next week with some updates and some more fun things I’ve found over the past couple months. Until then,

stay creative!



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