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New Single and a New Shop

My first single of 2021 is out today! I present Olm.

Olms are snake-like amphibians with a long snout and antler-like gills found in caves deep beneath the Dinarides. Long ago, on the rare occasion one washed to the surface after a flood, locals believed them to be baby dragons. But what if they were right? And what if you accidently stumbled into their den while exploring a cave?

Be sure to check it out on your favorite streaming platform now!

And in similar exciting news, I’ve opened up a shop here on the website, so if you can want to buy the new single you can do that directly from me now! and also download it directly from the homepage! I know it’s not exactly the best option for digital music anymore, but I’m planning on releasing some non-music stuff here as well, so look forward to that later on in the year!