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Winter Sky Over Sapporo City

This month is going by super fast and I’m not sure if I like it. Not to say that it’s been unproductive, I’ve been getting a lot done. But it feels like a blink-and-you’ll miss-it month. I’ve been trying to slow it down by marking time with my wonderful Lego Advent calendar, and sharing pics of the growing city over on Instagram. The amount of likes I’m getting from Lego focused accounts is incredible…I never knew there were so many people taking pictures of Legos. So follow me there and join in the fun!

Now Streaming: Christmas Chips Vol.2

The new EP from 8 Bit Trio is finally available to stream on all your favorite services! I’m a Spotify guy, so I’ll pop a player below this section, but if you use another service you should be able to find it over here. The album is available to buy over on Bandcamp if you want to have it in your collection forever. I’ll also be uploading a cool making-of video this week that shows how I created the cover from last year’s art. So keep an eye out for that the next couple days.


Speaking of Spotify, last month they release the “Spotify Wrapped for Artist” numbers, and I was super surprised at how far Youryokutai Club has come! Not so pumped about my own numbers, but that’s a work in progress. Always good to have something to beat next year! Let’s get into the numbers:

Because we have a Japanese name and an English name for both accounts, the stats are divided into Japan/International (I wasn’t able to get these in English for some reason, so I’ll translate them as we go) so I’ll add up the totals for each artist and then find the grand totals!

Countries (国): Youryokutai Club was streamed in 68 Countries, and I was streamed in 4. Definitely overlapping.
Listeners (リスナー): Youryokutai Club had 3,546 listeners, and I had 18.
Streams (再生回数): Youryokutai Club had 10,376 streams, I had 332.
Hours streamed (時間): Youryokutai was streamed for 667 hours, I was played for 17 hours.

My grand totals for 2020: My music was streamed 10,708 times in 68 countries by 3,564 people. For a total of 684 hours! That’s 28.5 days!! A whole month of music being listened to on Spotify alone. If we added up iTunes, YouTube and all the other platform I can’t even imagine… So a BIG BIG thank you to everyone who supports us by listening and sharing our music. It makes me super happy to know that so many people have gotten joy from the work I do. And now my 2021 challenge is to beat these numbers and reach even more people! Time to get to work.

Music for working

If you haven’t heard it yet, I definitely recommend giving Taylor Swift’s new album ‘evermore’ a listen. At the very least you must listen to track 15 with Bon Iver. It’s a wonderful track with a rare pop-music time change. And I love the two of them together so much.

Ok, I need to go get to work making music to break 2020s records. So I’ll be back next week with a pre-Christmas blog.

Stay creative – E

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