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My take on the 2020 AMAs

First Snow!

It seems that winter is finally here. It’s the second snow of the year but it looks like this time it might be sticking around. I’ve definitely been feeling the Christmas spirit more and more this past week working on my next project. But more on that later, this week I wanted to talk about yesterday’s American Music Awards (AMAs).

Catching up with the AMAs

So I haven’t tuned into the AMAs for a few years, but considering I was talking up the ARIAs a few weeks ago I thought I’d head on over and see who won, what performances were good, maybe find some new music to listen to. And I was happily surprised by what I found!

The Awards

Not a lot of shock in most of the categories. It seems like the same people have been dominating for the last few years, which seemed a bit strange until I looked into the previous winners and realized that it’s always been that way. So, Taylor Swift with 3 big wins, yep. BTS taking best social and group, of course. Justin Biebs for best pop/rock male, naturally.

No HUGE surprises overall, but I did find a couple interesting things.

Harry Styles winning favorite pop/rock album was definitely unexpected, I thought that would go to Taylor Swift’s big “folklore” release. I’ll need to give “Fine Line” a listen. Dua Lipa winning favorite pop/rock song was another nice surprise. The country categories are always news to me, but this year it was especially weird seeing Bieber’s name in there as well for his duet in “10,000 Hours” with Dan + Shay. Also Lady Gaga winning favorite EDM artist was kind of shocking…I’m not sure if she’s normally in this category or maybe she just didn’t want to compete with Taylor Swift this year? Either way, some smart genre hopping by those two.

I was also sad to see that Lewis Capaldi didn’t take home anything. I’m definitely a fan of his music, and his amazingly funny interviews.

The Performances

I wasn’t able to find all of the AMAs’ performances online, and sadly we don’t get ABC over here, so I have to rely the internet to see anything. But from what I did catch, I definitely have a few favorite acts.

Billie Eilish singing “Therefore I Am” was awesome. I wasn’t a big fan of this song when I’d only seen the music video. But after seeing it live, definitely digging it. That drop on 2 just feels way better when she’s grooving to it. Also the set design for this performance was genius. Easily my show favorite.

Second place has to go to Katy Perry performing “Only Love” with Darius Rucker. Maybe I’m just a huge fan of Darius Rucker, but the duet here was really intimate. I’m not the biggest Katy Perry fan so it was the first time I’d actually listened to this song, it has some beautiful lyrics.

Also deserving a mention: Dua Lipa ACTUALLY levitating during her performance of Levitating was really fun. The random drones dancing around during Justin Bieber’s song was hilarious and weird. And then there was super sexy Jennifer Lopez making me google her age.

Overall a much better award show than I remember it being! Although the secret might be missing the live broadcast and just checking the best-of lists the day after…

Surprise! It’s BLACK FRIDAY.

This week is Thanksgiving! As usual, I won’t be able to head home to see the fam, but we’ll definitely be skyping it up! I also heard that Zoom is lifting time limits for calls for the holidays, so be safe! So we can all enjoy many future Thanksgivings together as well. The day after Thanksgiving is much more exciting, as it’s the day for the buying of things. And I happen to sell music!

I’ll be putting this out on social media Friday night, but as a thank you for reading the blog here’s an early bird special!

For this year’s Black Friday I’ve got two special deals for you:

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That’s all for this week. I’ll (finally) be talking about a new release next week. I’ve been putting the finishing touches on it all week and I can’t wait to share the finished work with you! So until then,

Stay creative – E

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