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A Wiki-Wormhole to Down Under

So I was cleaning some of my office shelves today and I wanted some background entertainment to make the work a bit more fun. So I hit up my Watch Later list on YouTube and found a comedy special I’d been meaning to watch. Ever heard of Randy Feltface? If not then boy are you in for a treat.

Randy is an Australian comedian (and puppet) with an observational style of comedy and a hint of existential dread mixed in for good measure. If you like that kind of thing here’s the video for you to enjoy!

Definitely NSFW so be sure to watch with headphones or at home!

But Randy isn’t the focus of today’s blog. No, today’s blog is about some new music I discovered after falling down a rabbit hole on Wikipedia…

Ever heard of the ARIA Awards?

So I was trying to find out more about the man behind (beneath?) the puppet, and I followed a couple links on Wikipedia, as you do, and somehow ended up on a page about these ARIA Awards. It was a new find for me, and something I thought was worth sharing. As they put it:

The ARIAs are the flagship event of the Australian music calendar – a celebration of all that is great and popular in local music.

So it’s an annual award show put on by the Australian Record Industry Association to recognize exceptional Australia-based artists for their musical achievements over the past year. While I’d never heard of these awards before, I am always up for finding new exceptional artists to listen to. So I headed right over to their nominees page to check out who’s up for an award this year.

I recommend you click over and take a look at all the albums and artists featured this year because there are way too many for me to go into here. But I don’t want to leave you without anything to listen to, so I made some playlists for two categories that I thought had some really great music.

Album of the Year

  • Jessica Mauboy – HILDA
  • Lime Cordiale – 14 Steps To A Better You
  • Sampa The Great – The Return
  • Tame Impala – The Slow Rush

Obviously the Album of the Year selections are all bangers. But what stuck out to me was the variety of music represented. They definitely made an effort to cover different genres. I’d heard of Tame Impala before, they’ve been on a couple playlists I’ve spun, but the other groups were all new to me.

The DMA’s have a great rock sound, almost U2-esque in it’s depth and size. Jessica Mauboy has a fantastic voice, I was getting strong Mariah Carey vibes, and the late 90’s sound in the music fits perfectly. Lime Cordiale has some great indie-rock/pop arrangements, super creative and varied. Sampa the Great has created a wonderful rap/R&B album here, super funky and just overall a badass sound. Tame Impala is just so smooth and fun to listen to I’m really happy he’s on this list. (And was surprised to learn he was Australian!)

Here’s the complete playlist for your listening pleasure:

Breakthrough Artist

  • Alex the Astronaut – The Theory of Absolutely Nothing
  • Lime Cordiale – 14 Steps To A Better You
  • Mallrat – Driving Music
  • Miiesha – Nyaaringu
  • The Kid LAROI – F*CK LOVE

I think this category is a bit more exciting, showing some of the up-and-coming artists in the scene. There’s definitely a stronger indie sound on this list, so Lime Cordiale showing up here wasn’t too much of a surprise. All of these artists were completely new to me!

Alex the Astronaut is some super creative writing, some great lyrics, maybe a bit of room to grow on the instrumental end. I’m excited to hear where her music goes in the future. The Mallrat album is indeed some great driving music, tight grooves and dreamy pads giving it a really chill feel. Miiesha’s stuff is my favorite on this list. Completely worth a non-stop playthrough, it’s creative, soulful, and I actually really enjoy the interludes on an album for once! The Kid LAROI’s album is probably the most modern sound on the list, with guest artists like Juice WRLD and ample use of auto-tune. At only 17 this kind of work is incredible.

Here’s the complete playlist for your listening pleasure:

That’s all for this week! I hope you found some new artists to listen to. I know I was super happy when I found out about these awards. It looks like they’re going to be streaming live on YouTube on November 25th! I’ll probably post about that when it happens, I kind of want to know who wins now…

Stay creative – E


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