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sleepy.ab Recording Session Pics

I had the honor of heading back into the studio with sleepy.ab again last month. We spent two days working together on this NEW project. I can’t really say what it’s going to be yet, but I will say that the focus is on ACOUSTIC instruments, so I got to record on Cajon for the first time ever! Something I haven’t done on an ALBUM before. I’m not sure when the material will be released, but definitely keep an eye out! In the mean time I thought I’d write a little blog showing some of the process behind the scenes. Enjoy!

We recorded in two different locations this time, and our first day was over at Geimori Studio. This is the same place we worked on the drum recording for sleepy.ab’s album fractal.

My Cajon Setup
My First Cajon Recording!

This being the first time I’ve recorded Cajon for an album, I wasn’t sure about what to do with the microphone situation. After talking with the engineer, an awesome guy named Ojjy who came up from Tokyo, we decided to just try out a bunch of different stuff leading to the craziness above. The result was fantastic, though I forgot to ask which configuration he eventually went with…oops.

During the recording we didn’t move much so there isn’t a lot to show, but I did want to give you an idea of what I look at throughout the day.
On the left is the guitar room where Keisuke works his magic. And you can also see one half of CHAMELEON Records, Mrs. Shimokawa, on her way to give some notes.
And on the right is what’s right across from my seat. There’s the bass station and behind it is the booth.

Ok, on to day two!

Here’s a little vid taken during the late morning set-up. We moved over to a private cabin located in Geimori Art Park (just next door to the studio!) The fall weather was absolutely beautiful.

Tree planters outside recording studio
Little tree planters on a hill just outside the cabin. Beautiful fall weather that day.

The cabin is multi-purpose, and available to rent for about 70 dollars a day. And while the outside is a bit plain,

Outside view of our cabin
Exterior. A bit unassuming.

the inside is absolutely breathtaking.

Nariyama standing in front of giant bay windows looking outside
Interior. Gorgeous.

Both days were really rewarding sessions, it’s always a joy to work with sleepy.ab, and I’m excited to hear the difference in sound between the two locations. I’ll keep you updated on the details of the release, whenever that may be. I’ll leave you with this video of our teardown after a long day of music making.
Stay creative – E

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