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Crazy 1.5 months, huh??

Well it has been an insane month and a half since my last entry.

I know everyone has been affected by the coronavirus and I hope everyone is safe and healthy. My schedule was completely thrown out the window with cancelled tours, shows, classes, lessons, you name it! But, as much it disrupted my regularly scheduled life, it also made me rethink my future in a long-overdue way. But today I’d like to ignore all that heavy stuff and just talk about the top three creative things I’ve been up to the last few weeks!

I started off March by trying my hand at short videos!

This is something I’ve never really done before, but I was gifted some editing software and wanted to test it out. What resulted is this mini-series that combining camera tricks, cute characters, and rhythm in a neat way. There are five videos total and while the quality isn’t great it sure was fun and challenging to make! I named the series Desktop Rhythm, take a look:

For April I decided I would try something else entirely new to me…streaming!

So I entirely rearranged (and cleaned) my office, and then set the whole thing up for streaming!
It’s nothing crazy yet (no green screens or cool backgrounds) but it is a nice layout that let’s me comfortably be chatting on camera while working at my desk. A solid start.
Not only does this allow me to do some lessons online, but I’ve spent the last month experimenting with live composing streams on my facebook page. It’s been super fun to talk to people while I work, and it’s also helped me keep a pretty regular composing schedule. So a win-win!
I think I’ve figured out a good schedule and I’ll be really starting that up in May along with a couple other project ideas based around online content. For now, be sure to like the page so you can join me in the chat when I’m on!

The big news for this week is my band Youryokutai Club‘s new EP:That with a pulse feels

After a half year of production it’s finally out! Horrible timing to release an album in terms of live promotion, but great in terms of listening time for our fans! We’re really proud with how this album turned out, and we’re excited for you to listen to it! We’ve also prepared the translated English lyrics so you can understand the meanings of the songs as you listen! Read along here.

This player is from our bandcamp page, and if you’re interested in downloading or buying a physical copy (we’re doing a limited number of those), then that’s the site that gives us the most support. But if you already have a favorite streaming service we won’t be mad! We’ve released the album everywhere, so pick your favorite!

There’s a lot more to talk about, some very exciting things coming over the next few months, and I’ll be getting into that in a future blog. But let’s just take it one step at a time…

Stay safe and stay creative,

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