August 2020 | Music Recommendations

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Happy August to you all. It’s already super hot here in Sapporo, so I hope you are all staying cool and staying healthy. As you may have noticed I took the last couple months off after my last release to review and rethink my plans because it looks like this virus business is here for the long haul. I’ll go into more detail on that subject in a blog post coming later this week, but I mention it here because it’s led me to rethink this whole music recommendations list’s purpose as well.

So the list will be shifting it’s focus to featuring good albums or singles I’ve found over the past month (along with maybe a deep dive or two), and I’ll be moving my artist introductions over to the blog so I can actually go into more detail and history.

So let me know what you think about the change, and without further ado, my August music recommendations:

1) Ori and the Will of the Wisps (OST)[2020] – Gareth Coker

If you’re a gamer you probably know this series, I know I’d heard the name before, but gameplay and beautiful art side, this soundtrack is just all kinds of wonderful on its own. It’s got beautiful sweeping melodies, action packed percussive tracks, epic orchestral arrangements, delicate ensemble pieces. Can’t recommend it enough.
Buy it over on bandcamp.

2) Such Pretty Forks In The Road[2020] – Alanis Morissette

Little known fact, I am a huge Alanis fan. So when I saw this new album I was super excited. Was NOT disappointed. This album has a really strange combination of the late 90s sound with current pop quality. It totally works, largely because of the vocals. Worth the listen.
Download or stream it here.

3) The Search Engine[2011] – DJ Food

Great music from a unique and creative group of artists. I’ll be talking more about DJ Food on my blog in the future. But in the mean time, this album is the perfect background music while you work. Check it out!
Buy it over on bandcamp.

Listen to the August Music Recommendations playlist on Spotify or YouTube Music:

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